Spring/Fall Recreation League

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Howell Girls Softball League!

The softball recreation program consists of 300 girls from Howell and the surrounding areas that are interested about learning the game of softball, developing their skills and enhance their self esteem, self confidence and self discipline.

Spring Season

Our spring season starts in mid-March with games starting the first week of April and running through the beginning of June. We conclude the rec season with our championship games and family picnic.

League divisions are determined by player's age as of 12/31 of the prior year. The divisions are listed below.

Howell Hurricanes

For players that age 7 through 14 that are looking to try competitive softball, the HGSL also hosts a summer All-star/travel team that competes in tournaments throughout central NJ from June to July. The Hurricanes have teams in the 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U divisions. Tryouts are typically towards the end of April with practices being run through the rec season and into the summer. Many of our Hurricane players go on to play year-round as part of our Heat travel program. Tryout information will be sent to all eligible players in March.

Fall Season

The fall season started in 2010 to provide our players who were not ready to put their gloves away for the winter an opportunity to continue to play softball through the fall. The season begins in September and runs through October or as long as Mother Nature permits. The season is designed to be more instructional than competitive to give players an opportunity to try their skills at other positions.

Twisters (Age 4-6)

Our Twister program is designed for our younger players to provide them with a clinic based environment that focuses on basic softball skills. Coaches will work with them on developing skills related to throwing, hitting and fielding. Twisters practice one night a week.

Freshman - 8U (Age 6-8)

Our Freshman division continues to develop our younger player's basic skills and begins to incorporate them into game situations. In the Freshman division, players will play games that are roughly 90 minutes in duration, start to play different positions and hit off live pitching. This division is a coach pitch division with players getting the opportunity to pitch midway through the season.

Sophomore - 10U (Age 8-10)

Our Sophomore division continues to develop and work on basic softball skills. Once they enter 10U, they will only see player pitching. Many of the pitchers in our older divisions start their pitching careers in our Sophomore division. The games at this level begin to become more competitive as traditional game rules are now in play and plays are being made and runs are being scored.

Junior - 12U (Age 11-12)

As in the earlier divisions, coaches continue to develop and work on basic skills, but also work on developing game acumen as the games get more competitive. Pitchers continue to develop and increase their speed and accuracy. Fielders begin making more plays and hitters are putting the ball in play throughout the field. We also introduce additional components of the game such as bunting.

Senior - 17U (Age 13-17)

Our Senior division is our most competitive division. Coaches continue to work on developing basic skills, but we see many of our players putting everything together and become complete players. This is a much faster game with more consistent pitching and fielding. We encourage our senior players to try new positions and challenge them to continue to improve as players.