What's Needed

HGSL requires that all equipment meet or exceed ASA specifications and rules. All equipment that is League provided is reviewed prior to distribution to the coaches to ensure they meet ASA requirements and are in good working order. The league provides the following for each team:
  • Batting Helmets with ASA Approved face cage and chin strap - various sizes
  • Catchers Gear - helmet, chest protector, knee pads
  • Bats - various sizes
  • Practice balls of appropriate size
The Player is responsible to provide:
  • Cleats or sneakers - preferably softball cleats but soccer cleats will suffice
  • Gray baseball/softball pants - players will not be able to play in school uniforms

While it is not required, many families choose to purchase some items that are otherwise provided by the HGSL. If this is your choice, then you must ensure that the equipment is ASA Approved - this is usually apparent on the labeling (e.g. both the helmet and facemask must be stamped as NOCSAE certified).

Softball bats are quite difficult to "get right" as the player's age, size and skill level are all factors to be considered. As a rule of thumb, lighter is better...dads are notorious for buying bats that are too heavy! Bats have two specifications: length (inches) and weight (ounces). These measurements are usually shown on the knob and the barrel of the bat as “28/18”. The first # is the length; the second # is the weight. Sometimes bats are described with a minus factor (i.e. “-10”). This refers to the difference between length and weight. Bats with a factor of -10 or greater are best (but slightly more expensive). The following chart depicts length and weight ranges that offers some guidance by age range:

**Please note that HGSL does not permit composite or high-tech bats in the rec league.**

Age Bat Length Bat Weight
5-6 years old 24"-26" 14-16 oz.
7-8 years old 26"-28" 16-18 oz.
9-10 years old 28"-29" 17-19 oz.
11-12 years old 30"-31" 18-21 oz.
13-14 years old 31"-32" 19-23 oz.
15+ years old 32"-34" 20-24 oz.

If you wish to buy a softball with which your daughter can practice, keep in mind that ball size varies by division. Twisters, 8U (Freshman) and 10U (Sophomore) uses an 11-inch ball. 12U (Junior) and 17U (Senior) use a 12-inch ball.

Coaching staff and umpires will inspect equipment and if it is found to be deficient in their sole discretion, your daughter will not be allowed to use it in practice or in a game, without exception, until it is fixed or replaced.

Also, you may have seen a rise in the use of fielding masks - the metal or plastic face cages worn in the field. HGSL does not require the use of fielding masks and leaves that decision to the player's family to make. However, the League encourages each family to evaluate the use of fielding masks, especially for pitchers and infielders and certainly as early as Freshman/8U and particularly higher divisions.

Practice Dress Code:
HGSL requires that all players arrive at the time practice is scheduled to begin, fully dressed and prepared. The player must wear softball appropriate clothing and gear during the entire practice. This minimally includes softball glove, cleats, shirts that will be tucked in and long socks.

Game Dress Code:
HGSL requires that all players arrive at the time the coaches identify prior to game start, fully dressed and prepared to warm up. The player must wear their assigned uniform, socks and gray pants for all games. All shirts required to be tucked in for the entire game without exception and the umpire will stop the game until everyone complies. For the protection of the player, jewelry of any kind is not allowed during a game, including earrings.